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October 3, 2009
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Full Name: Lindsay

Nicknames: Linds, Kitty

Age: 18

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 350 pounds (Neo Form)

Gender: Female

Race: Cat/ Human

Alliance: Neutral

Home: n/a (wanderer)

Franchise: Persona

Physical Description: Cream skin with light brown fur. Green plaid polo tee shirt (button up front), blue hibiscus pattern pants. Checkered wristbands, orange sandals with a pink star buckle. Safety pin on (her) left ear, bandages on (her) right. Santa hat optional. Rainbow stripes collar with obnoxiously large bell; the strap of her collar hangs freely and is not tucked in. Curvy figure with a large belly and hips. Short tail with a fluffy end, and an old bandage around it. Blonde hair with green tips, one bang goes down and the other points upwards; her upwards bang (on her left side) is held with a pink star hairpin, and she has a short green ponytail. Long strand of hair that sticks out from the middle of her head and curls outward. Sometimes wears a Korean melon atop her head. Ice blue eyes with a thin cat-eye pupil

Likes: Food, friends, sleeping, reading, being fed, sunshine, pulling pranks, and messing with Fidget

Dislikes: Exercise, chores, olives, dogs

Friends and Family: Fidget, Cherry, Turbo Prower, Allie, Webster Prower, Jerry, Crystal

Boyfriend: N/A

Enemies: N/A

Weapons: Tooth and claw

Abilities/Powers: N/A

Skills: High jumping, balancing, navigating in the dark, scenting/ hearing things from far away

Personality: Friendly and hyper (completative in Neo form)

History: Lindsay was born as a kitten in a cracker box not knowing who her mother and father were. As she ventured into the city, she fended for herself; as she grew older she became more humanlike, though her belief in StarClan (kitty heaven) has not faltered, and she becomes lost in fits of cattiness at random moments. She’s generally sleeping, though it’s rare that she shares her dreams. She bears many scratches on her ears and tail, from fighting over food with other cats. She meets Turbo as he visits the city on errands one day, and visits often.

Other:  Lindsay’s dreams are usually prophetic, though she doesn’t prefer to share them in case they cause hysteria.

She has a futuristic counterpart, Neo Lindsay, who is much fatter and more of a lonely personality; they know nothing of each other.

Lindsay collects everything from bottle caps to coins. If she sold them, she would be extremely rich, but she prefers to keep the objects instead.

Lindsay originally had 9 lives granted to her by StarClan, but as of present, she only retains five.
Lindsay's 2010 profile. Template by ~Shadowphoenixshoe
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superanonymous13 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
So is it safe to assume that you're a fan of Erin Hunter's "Warriors" series? I noticed the StarClan reference.
kittygurl521 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Student Digital Artist
:lol: Definitely. I adore the books~
superanonymous13 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010
sweet! a believer!
kittygurl521 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Student Digital Artist
vallum12100 Featured By Owner May 28, 2010
Wanderer? You make her sound more like a loner... A wanderer's home is the world :earth: , whether its the soft grass of Europe during the summer, or the couch of a second uncle's cousins friend... Or where ever their friends are
Loners are so... Lonely, introverted, and cold =(
Lindsay is too nice to be a loner, and she has the kind of personality to just draw people to her imho :meow:

Surprisingly enough, I could imagine her learning martial arts, albeit reluctantly, from people I've learned from, and able to uphold a philosophy people of my size hold: Its not the size that corrupts the body, but the mind. Keep pure mind and feelings, the body will be pure and strong, despite what it is physically... Basically that even though I'm not the ideal of what's supposed to be 'fit', being almost 300 lbs and almost 6'4", I'm a black belt in karate, and have been practicing Ikedo and boxing for a few years now and learning Shaolin Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do atm... So I can defend myself and others, while still enjoying food... but that just my :twocents: :blush:
kittygurl521 Featured By Owner May 29, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Oh, really? That's incredible! I've always thought you had to be fit to do karate, but that's very cool. :)

The name 'Lindsay' actually applies to three of my characters

:bulletgreen: Regular Lindsay, the chubby who is hyper and has a sunny personality

:bulletgreen: Neo Lindsay, the humongo that's lonely and cold; I made her to fit an rp involving Orwell's 1984, though people on :devart: prefer her physically since she's fatter

:bulletgreen: And me, in my artist form (generally wearing a Santa hat)
vallum12100 Featured By Owner May 29, 2010
Nope, just have to know that you can't do some of the crazy stuff like those small, fit people can do, (but from what I read, Lindsay can do that regardless and sounds allot like me: freak of nature who defies her physical limitations, e.g. I can run a mile in under 6 minutes, Lindsay can do crazy backflips and climb due to her half-cat nature). Being my size, its why I avoid kicking actually; it requires you to be allot more flexible to get the right kick, and its really aggressive to use, (not too many defensive moves in martial arts involving kicks). So, with being my size, I use control tactics and fist styles. I use my size as an asset, ( allot of Soft Aikedo involve holding your opponent down, and being my size, I do it well XD ), not a weakness. My opponent comes at me, its very easy to disable him/her. My opponent is a short distance away, I can close the distance between us using both iajutsu and karate techniques, and then try to stop him/her with Iakedo, and some boxing.

I look through various neo Lindsay pics, (aka I'm guess are just bigger-then-cubby Lindsay pics), you have, and I don't see the cold loner. She's still the bubbly, smiling cat girl... Maybe I don't see any of neo Lindsay, at least, not in they way you describe her being so cold and isolated, still... happy, ((1984 is an awesome book, btw))

So Lindsay is a projection of your inner self, or aspects of what you are and what you wish you were, in art form I'm guessing? ((the santa hat I understood in the days of christmas works you've done, but why with anything else? Does it represent something significant or something OoC?))
kittygurl521 Featured By Owner May 29, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Both Lindsay's are projections of myself. It's hard not to ^^;

There's some days I feel cold to the world and don't want to talk to anyone, while other days the world is my napping place :)

The Santa hat doesn't particularly mean anything, but it's my favorite hat and I wear it often.

I loved 1984, and wish I could see one of the movies. We watched 'V for Vendetta' in class instead. It was still great, but I'd like to see the 1984 movies as well. And wouldn't you know, none are on the internet just because it opposes government! At least that's what I heard.

Still very cool with the karate thing though. My little sister (4 years younger) always tries to beat me up, and I feel like I can only fight because of my size; it's my sturdiness that gives me strength, since I don't work out or anything haha
vallum12100 Featured By Owner May 29, 2010
I think no matter how cold you feel to the world, or how lonely you are, their will always be people who'll want you around, and be their for you, no matter how cold you think you are, and that the future of Lindsay in reflecting how she'll become cold, is naught. She, or you, wont be alone. Just keep up on what you're doing, and someone will find their way into your life

Hm... I think that the Santa hat's representation of how you are reflects on Lindsay... Just remember what Santa represents to people, (good, a saint, self sacrificing to bring happiness)... But also how Santa almost fades into the background, becoming an ideal to adults that give Santa as a representation

V for Vendetta I liked better because of the happier, more uplifting ending. I'm a sucker for the good guys... It at least reminded me what America used to stand for, (as Ironic as it was that UK became totalitarian country), and how we need to see past the illusions of conformity and the 'big brother' government

You sound like my boxing buddy Steven. He hates being so big, (6'5" I think and 350 lbs), cause he feels thats the only reason he thinks people back off of listen to him: because of his size, and he hates it. We met, and I've been teaching him the philosophy I follow, and only practice martial arts out of sport and physical expression, and only use it against others in a controlled simulation, (boffing would be the best example), or in absolute emergency, (I hate hurting people)
kittygurl521 Featured By Owner May 29, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I'll think about that. :thanks:

Yeah, I was very disappointed with the ending of the book 1984, but it was a story definitely not meant to have a good ending. It makes it that much more raw and memorable by making it so terrible.
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